Side Project Initiative

1st Annual Side Project Initiative

First question, What the hell are you talking about, Faircut? Well, as creatives generally are always on the lookout to expand their creative reach – I want to truly help this process to be seamless as possible. I am looking to create a registry/database of musicians looking for collaboration opportunities. This database will be part collaboration incubator and also be used for musicians to engage in money making temp situations for their talents to be used in recording studios and to cover professional band member show absences due to illness or other unfortunate situations that pop up from time to time (allowing the band to actually keep the booked gig).

As this idea of ours is in the beta phase, all participants that sign up by October 30th will be granted forever free access to these opportunities.

To signup, simply fill out the form to the right that best describes your area of musical expertise – you may signup for multiple lists if you prefer. One thing to note, ALL ENTRIES WILL BE HELD IN THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE!!!